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I take sustainability extremely seriously and believe it is the responsibility of all business to take steps to mitigate our environmental crisis.
As a remote worker, my carbon footprint is minimal but I take the following measures to reduce it:

  • Working paper-free unless the task explicitly requires it.

  • Working from a laptop on battery power where possible.

  • Using a green tariff for electricity.

  • Ensuring my workspace is insulated adequately to minimise heating needs.

  • Attending sustainability sessions, such as Oxford Brookes Small Business Sustainability Basics course to ensure I have the knowledge to make changes as they become viable to do so.

The following are not currently viable but have been explored and will continue to be re-examined at regular intervals:

  • Moving to fully sustainable energy generation such as an on-site turbine, solar panels or heat pumps.

  • Being registered as carbon neutral through carbon off-set programs.

  • Working exclusively with carbon neutral businesses.

    This policy was last updated in June 2022.


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