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How to Share Passwords Safely with an Executive or Virtual Assistant

If you are considering working with an Executive Assistant, the safety of your data is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. Here are some methods to share passwords safely as you and your assistant start to build trust.

Once you start building a working relationship with your Executive Assistant, you will get a feel for them and start to share information more freely. It can be nerve-wracking when you are handing over the keys to your empire, but feeling this way is normal – your Executive Assistant should be ICO registered as a data handler and as you work, your will soon find your Assistant can do their work more effectively if there is an easy exchange of information.

1. Delegate Accounts for Gmail

A common request is to manage or organise your emails. An Executive Assistant can get up to speed with your business quickly and easily if they can see your emails as well as having a dedicated email address of their own. If you have a Gmail account, you can delegate access to your account, allowing full access without the need to share your login credentials.

2. For everything else, there’s LastPass

I simply don’t know how I kept track of all my logins before I adopted LastPass. It’s a fabulous tool for generating secure passwords and storing them all. All details are encrypted and can be accessed by a master password, which you should never share. You can categorise your passwords, add secure notes and share your passwords with another LastPass user. While this feature is only available on the paid version (a bargain at £2.30 a month), it is a quick and easy way to share passwords safely with your assistant or team.

You can create a folder of shared passwords or send them over individually as required. At no point will the recipient have access to the details – LastPass will simply offer the option to fill in the fields for them on the relevant sites.

Install the plugins for your browser (or multiple browsers – it works with any of them) and install the app on your phone for access to all your passwords and sensitive information when you are on the move.

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Your Google login is most likely tied to many places, such as your email, YouTube access and possibly your website. Delegate accounts are a simple way to share access. LastPass makes secure sharing ridiculously easy and makes digital security for your logins a breeze. I have used LastPass for several years and recommend it to all my clients.

Whatever route you take, be safe and never hand over any data to your assistant before you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure they are registered as a data handler and have some reputable testimonials.

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